Sistem Ekonomi Kerakyatan dalam Globalisasi Perekonomian

Wahyu - Bhudianto


Regional economic development is a process by which local governments and
communities to manage resources - resources and form a partnership with local government ,
private sector to create a new jobs and stimulate the development of economic activity (economic
growth) in the region. . Regional economic development is a process that includes the formation
of new institutions, the development of alternative industries, improvement of existing workforce
capacity to produce better products and services, identifying new markets, transfer of knowledge
and technology, and development efforts new.
In the current era of regional autonomy, the concept of community economic development
system must be translated into operational programs based on the domestic economy at the
county level and city with a high degree of independence. It should be emphasized that the
development of community economic system in the current era of regional autonomy should not
be interpreted in a territorial perspective, but should be developed in the perspective of
regionalization in which it is integrated in the potential unity, excellence, opportunity, social and
cultural character. the Populist economic system should be able to empower local communities
and improve the Regional Economic Development.
Keywords: Globalization, Populist , The economic system

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